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Wood Boorer Control

Wood Boorer Control


Why Wood Borer Control?

  • They feed on wooden structures like furniture, plywood & make them weak and unusable
  • Damage is irreversible; depreciates the value of property, furniture, interiors significantly
  • Structural damages lead to unexpected huge financial loss and ultimately loss of peace.

What are the signs of Wood Borer Infestation?

  • We can see whitish powder falling from the wooden structures
  • Wood bores leave exit holes (small pin holes) on the wooden structures
  • They produce typical sound while boring holes on wooden structures

Service Details

  • Expert Inspection
  • Injection of chemical in the bored holes
  • Spraying / brushing of chemicals to prevent further infestation and powder formation


  • We use safer products, no bad smell & hassle free service
  • No need to be away from the house
  • Long lasting effect