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Termite Control

Termite Control

wall termite treatment service in Bangalore

Why Termite Control?

  • Termites feed on wide range of materials containing ‘cellulose’ (Wood)
  • In search of food (wood) they damage even concrete structures, rubber, plastic materials
  • Damage is irreversible; depreciates the value of property, furniture, interiors significantly
  • Termite damage may further lead to seepage, dampness, fungal infestation etc.
  • Structural damages lead to unexpected huge financial loss and ultimately loss of peace.

What are the signs of Termite Infestation?

  • Most of the times infestation sings are not visible in the early stages
  • Hollow sound when tapped
  • Soil Nesting Termites – presence of mud tubes;
  • Wood Nesting Termites – excreta in the form of small pellets/ grains
  • Termite mounds surrounding the property
  • Presence of live termite workers, soldiers
  • Typical damage pattern
  • While feeding they produce sound which are predominant in hollow wooden structures

Service Details

There are two situations in which you can opt for Termite treatment

Pre-construction Anti-Termite Treatment: Treatment during construction

  1. Stage 1: Treatment before starting Pillars or excavation stage
  2. Stage 2: Treatment on the Plinth Surface
  3. Stage 3: External Perimeter of the Building

Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment: Treatment to the old/existing buildings

We practice DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique


  • We use safer products, no bad smell, no stains & hassle free service
  • No need to be away from the house for more than 2 Hours
  • Long lasting effect, better termite colony management


  • Pre-construction Anti-Termite Treatment: Re-treatment warranty for 5 Years
  • Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment : Re-treatment warranty for 1 Year