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Bedbug Control

Bedbug Control

bed bugs control service in RT Nagar

Why Bedbug Control?

  • Bite causes skin irritation & allergic reactions
  • It results in emotional distress & sleeplessness among people
  • They create unhygienic environment; produce bad smell & deposit faecal matter
  • Bedbugs infestation can be seen even in the cleanest places like five star hotels
  • Severely infested bedding materials, wooden furniture etc. go waste
  • Results in loss of reputation and social embarrassment
  • There is a great chance of reoccurrence if not treated with the help of professionals

What are the signs of Bedbug Infestation?

  • Musky stink – typical bedbug smell
  • Regular sensation of bite & skin rashes
  • Blood stains on the bedding materials
  • Small and dark spots of faecal matter
  • Caste skin and body parts
  • Whitish egg masses in the folding of bed, pillow, curtains etc.
  • Live Bugs and its stages

Service Details

  • Spray application of safe pesticides in the infested area
  • Second treatment will be carried out after 10- 12 days as eggs are resistant to chemicals


  • We use safer products, no bad smell, no stains & hassle free service
  • No need to be away from the house for more than 2 Hours

Warranty: On re-infestation, one time free re treatment within 3 months


  • Wash the bed spreads, pillow covers, infested curtains and cloths in hot water
  • Keep the bedding materials and cloths under sunlight
  • Keep the food items closed
  • Safeguard your Kids, elders, patients, pets, aquarium
  • Close the doors & windows, be away from the house for 1-2 hrs
  • Make sure that house is well ventilated before start staying


  • Pre-construction Anti-Termite Treatment: Re-treatment warranty for 5 Years
  • Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment : Re-treatment warranty for 1 Year