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Covid-19 Disinfection

Covid Sanitization Service

Covid-19 Disinfection

covid sanitization service In bangalore

Why Microbial Disinfection Services?

  • Microbes like Viruses can spread pandemics such as Corona, Plague, Spanish Flu etc.
  • Bacteria & Fungi can contaminate the food in processing areas can cause food poisoning
  • They can cause secondary infections in hospitals
  • They can create unhygienic condition in residences & working environment

Service Details

  • Treatment requires 1-2 hrs for a crew of 1-2 technician
  • Spray application of germicides in all the key areas of the house
  • Care will be taken to treat the working desk, door handles, key boards etc.
  • We recommend annual maintenance (AMC – 3 Services) for year round protection


  • We use safer products, no bad smell, no stains & hassle free service
  • Can opt as preventive treatment at regular intervals or while shifting to a new house
  • This broad spectrum treatment, assures protection against wide range Germs