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Mosquito Management

Mosquito Management

Mosquito Management service In Bangalore

Why Mosquito Control?

  • Deadliest creatures on earth, act as carriers for major disease causing viruses & parasites
  • Major diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika are transmitted by mosquitoes
  • Typical sound produced by the wings of mosquitoes & bite can result in sleepless nights
  • Loss of business & reputation in hospitality industry

What are the signs of Mosquito Infestation?

  • Presence of Live Mosquitoes/ Swarming during dusk
  • Presence of eggs, larvae or pupae in the stagnant water are the clear signs
  • Breeding can be seen indoor & outdoor both in fresh & dirty water stagnant for a week

Service Details

1- Residual Spray for Residences

  • Uniform spray of recommended pesticides which are safer for humans
  • When adult mosquitoes rest on the wall surface it will get killed
  • However it is advised to close the windows during dusk & early morning 5-7 o’clock

1- Fogging /Misting & Larva Control for Commercial & Housing society premises

  • Thermal & cold fogging/misting & spray treatment
  • Larvicide spray on the STPs & stagnant water which will eliminate mosquito larvae

Mosquito control product supply

  • Supply diffusers along with the natural oil to repel the mosquitoes
  • Supply Mosquito traps for residential & commercial premises
  • Supply Mosquito nets, install insect proofing mesh for the windows


  • We use safer products, no bad smell, no stains & hassle free service
  • No need to be away from the house for more than 2 Hours
  • Long lasting effect
  • One stop solutions for mosquito management