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Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

cockroach control service In Sarjapur

Why cockroach control?

  • Cockroach acts as disease spreading agent, carries 30+ types of Germs
  • Roaches are responsible for food poisoning
  • They spoil your party & reputation
  • Some cockroaches can readily enter nose, ear while sleeping & some even found biting

What are the Signs of Cockroach Infestation?

  • Typical cockroach smell
  • Egg cases, shed skin & body parts
  • Faecal droppings / stool
  • Live Cockroaches

Service Details

  • Treatment takes 30 -60 min for a crew of 1-2 technician
  • Expert inspection of the premises
  • Selective application of safer pesticide which are free from bad smell
  • Special gel treatment ensures long term protection by colony elimination
  • Result starts appearing 3 weeks after the treatment


  • Keep the kitchen ready just before technicians arrives
  • Keep the food items closed
  • Safeguard your Kids, elders, patients, pets, aquarium
  • Close the doors, windows, be away from the house for 1 hr
  • Make sure that house is well ventilated before start staying
  • Follow our advice to ensure safe & effective treatment


  • Don’t wash or wipe the sprayed area for 1-2 weeks, just floor cleaning is enough
  • Don’t keep the paper, carton boxes in the shelf
  • Don’t experiment with chemicals available in the market


On re-infestation, one time free treatment within 2 months