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Rodent control service

Rodant Control Service In Sadashivanagar

Why Rats (Rodent) Control?

  • They eat all types of food; spoil large quantity of food with their droppings, urine & hair
  • It can chew tough materials including concrete, lead pipes & metal sheathed cables
  • Burrowing & gnawing activity interrupts communication network & drainage systems
  • Frequently damage electrical wiring, cause electrical failures & fires due to short circuits
  • Rats are also responsible for spreading deadly disease & food poisoning
  • Rodents damage car cables

What are the signs of Rat Infestation?

  • Faecal droppings and urine with typical stinking smell
  • Different species of rats have their unique foot prints
  • During the movement they leave behind blackish grease marks along the wall
  • Burrows indicate the presence of rodents
  • The gnawing marks chewing pattern
  • Live rodents in the day time also indicated heavy infestation

How do we handle the problem?

Rodent management requires continuous monitoring. Various Rat management techniques like Repelling, Trapping, Baiting, mechanical barriers and other methods will be applied based on the requirement. Treatment method will be decided after the inspection.


  • We use safer products, hassle free service procedure
  • No need to be away from the house
  • Advice and help you in identifying and closing the rodent entry points